The Monument for Sari

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  • Time2021-06-01
  • Sourcefield research
  • VenueBoketu
  • CopyrightJun Shen

Rumour has it that one of the engineers of the Xing'an Tunnel in Boktu, which runs through mountain Xing'an, was a 30-year-old Tsarist Russian engineer, Sari, who, when senior railway engineers were at a loss as to what to do with Xing'an Ling, suggested that the construction be carried out by opposite excavation methods based on precise calculations. The work was so poorly executed that by the scheduled date there was no sign of the railway being dug through. Unable to bear it, she committed suicide by hanging herself from a birch tree. The day after she committed suicide, the Tunnel was suddenly opened, adding another layer of tragedy to the legend. This lady has not been recorded in history, and there is no way to verify the story, but the stone monument built by the people halfway up the hill is a hidden testimony to the legend. As we climbed up the hill, the stone monument was hidden in the bushes, and moss was crawling on the surface of the stone. The tunnel is not visible from here. The huge infrastructure proclaims history, but do people prefer to believe in the flesh and blood of the story?