A Ghost Building in Gongzhuling

  • TypeImage
  • Time2021-05-22
  • Sourcefield research
  • VenueGongzhuling
  • CopyrightLee Kai Chung

Opposite the Manchuria Railway staff dormitories is a deserted cylindrical building, also known as the "Ghost Building". It looks like a commercial building from afar, but when we arrive at the main entrance of the building, it was surrounded by wooden boards and red brick walls, the external walls are not yet completed, the staircases are exposed, the glass is broken, and a stone statue of the Goddess of Mercy standing in a lotus flower seat hangs in the middle of the third storey, also the reason why rumours of the abandoned building being haunted have been spreading. Whether the reason for the building's abandonment was the suspension of construction due to insufficient funds from the developer, a change in the local development policy, or an inhuman force, this modern multi-storey building, the only one standing in the old town, exists in the town like a ghost, and the people live beside it as they always have done, habitually hiding it in the background of the township's development.